How do Meta Description Tags Works in Blogger - Blogspot?

Meta description tags are words displayed on search engines below the search link. Meta description adds to the qualification of a blog post when it’s displayed on search engine or social media.

Meta description makes the readers briefly understand what a particular post is talking about before opening it. It helps to add to the quality of a post making it more available for crawling by search engines.

We can’t guess how much it impacts in search engine ranking. But let’s say it impacts a lot in the sense that if visitors are scrolling through the search results, reading the text snippets and deciding which one to visit. So, even though importance of meta keywords tag has faded away, meta description tag is still very useful.

Also understand that not all of you should worry about having meta description tags in posts or pages in as much as the content of your post is very unique and understandable for readers. You might only want to place description tags for vital contents, for which the automatically collected text description from the page itself is not adequate.

Meta tag description is normally placed as shown below; `…