How Do I Submit and fill the Tax Form Document in ImpactRadius

I registered with ImpactRadius for a WordPress affiliate program but i cant seems to get filling their Tax document part.

Who else had experience using them?

cc: @jidetheblogger @Jayboss @mazinoweb

I don’t have an account there but I think it should be easy if there is option for non-us citizens. You just have to enter your personal details there

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Exactly what I was thinking…

Saw these three different format attached on the screenshot

Select each one to see details they are asking for, enter the details and submit.

I’ve sent a DM to their support and now following them up

This is my first time of hearing about them.

Oh really :grinning:

It’s because you’re boss now…

They’re actually like a CPU of a computer when it comes to affiliates…

Runs with themeforest, Envato elements, Namecheap, Host gator, and lots more

I’ve been able to withdraw the funds… Thanks @Jayboss and Ogbongebro @jidetheblogger :+1: