How do fix insufficient content , difficult site navigation , broken links

ls help me out my AdSense application has been rejected many times based on insufficient content and difficult site navigation. Here is my site :

Check the link. Not opening…

Try to get a good design with all your navigation links working. Then posts 2 to 3 uniqueposts with 500+ words on topics related to education. Then apply again.

Looking again, you’ve got a entertainment/news niche. hmmm. tough one. but there is another way sha…

The link is missing the the last g Its suppose to be

Sorry it is

How do I resolve the broken links

Use this BrokenLink tool at OgbongePlanet Here :wink:

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Which broken link? if it is the one above, you can edit the post bro.

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To my own understanding, insufficient contents is caused by not having enough traffic. I have friends that do copy posts as news bloggers and they get Nigeria AdSense Account Approved in 2weeks. I think it because they have maybe 6K + Pageviews daily

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Delete all those spam comments, change your theme to an SEO optimized blogger theme, place your menu navigations properly and reapply for adsense with a new gmail address

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