Having Issues setting up OneSignal web push for Blogger blog

Please Sir Jide. I read the tutorial on how to add push notification to blogger blog with onesignal on your website and carefully followed the instructions but im having this issue of it not showing in my blog. Although i can see it on my blogger theme but it doesn’t appear in my blog when i visit. attached is an image of what im talking about and here is my blog url Screenshot_15 http://www.babahow.blogspot.com

but the icon is showing on the screenshots you uploaded

That is why i’m confused. It doesn’t show when i visit the blog.

It once happen to my blog too, on till i move to secured url recently from HTTP to HTTPS before it started showing on my blog.

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Yes, OneSignal works fine with https…

I want it like this image

OneSignal like this??? Haba

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@RealityEmma sorry that comment not meant to here i miss post it here