Guys I Need Your Review For My New Android App

(Bajio) #1

A Directory of all Yoruba Names with their meanings. i did it as a way of keeping th culture alive and also for mothers looking for Names to give to their kids. Download at

Screenshot_20181104-034008 Screenshot_20181104-034454

(Johnson Daniel) #2

How did you create the app, I want to create one for my site

(Bajio) #3

I used android studio, but if you want to create and app for your site, there are various services that can turn your site to an apk.

Just google “Convert Website To Android App”

(Johnson Daniel) #4

Thanks but I don’t like those websites that help convert your website into an app, they always leave their logo there. I’d like to create one myself

(Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)) #5

If you mean you want to build one from the scratch to your site, its going to cost you a lot in terms of fortune… But else, you can get one within 24hrs

(Johnson Daniel) #6

How can I get it within 24 hours?

(Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)) #7

I mean if you are not planning to build it all the way from Scratch, then you can possible use online tool to build one within that time frame

(Emmanuel Ekanem) #8

This post should help you achieve that. Check here.

(Ayebaemi) #9

Hi nice app concept. You should have a short promotional video about your app to boost the app download. A promotional video of 30 seconds perfect for online adverts e.g YouTube, Facebook, etc. I can create that for you. Very affordable.