Google Adsense taking long time to reply

Google Adsense page said we are working on setting you up for four weeks now without any progress. Please help, any suggestions will be appreciated ![IMG-20171201-WA0006|281x500](upload://dCaT7iQpVMxIRyiRlruWqaFl2RT.j

here is the screenshot IMG-20171201-WA0006

They have lots of blogs and websites to look into so it may take some time or they are still checking on your blog.

bro but four weeks are too much la

If you can’t wait, you can go to their office to complain.


where is their office, abeg

that is funny.

Oh My God!

You have to just wait. Ensure you’ve done all the asked correctly.

You’ll get tired of waiting bro… Lemme tell u the solution. Delete the adsense account and apply from with a new Gmail account then link it through earning after after applying if u don’t delete your account before applying they will reply that your domain is linked to another already. To understand better go through the steps below.

  1. Delete your previous account
  2. Reapply again with a different mail from #dont use the blogger earning tab it won’t work it will tell u what the present account is saying again.
  3. Implement the code u were given on your blog html then use the earning tab to connect the adsense with ur blog
  4. Wait for days u gonna get reply the replied me b4 24hrs tho

I can’t delete or cancel the previous account. Didn’t see where it is written cancelScreenshot_2018-01-15-09-38-23


Use pc bro it’s gonna work