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It’s true that there are many people in the blogging business, but only the few dedicated ones are really making it big. For any business to truly make it big,it must have three ingredients:-GOAL,PASSION and DEDICATION. Therefore, goal+passion+dedication=success. In same vein,I know with the help of God if “TechPlusHub” is given to me,I will implement the “two” ingredients for success(because one is already constant “PASSION” for Tech related stuffs.). And by God’s grace, am conversant with HTML, CSS and the Blogging World. Thanks in anticipation!!!.

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Thank you mr Jide for your efforts to empower us, thank you too TechPlusHub for this free offer. The reason the panel should consider me for this gesture is based on your passion to help blogger like me that has passion, and daily working diligently to make a positive impact in the society. By giving me this domain, you are not only empowering me but others that are benefiting from my presence on the blog, dishing out messages that transformed their lives. I also help those who has interest in blogging by helping them to set up their blog free. If i turn out to be a winner, it will be a booster to my blog and many will benefit more and TechPlusHub also will forever happy that it was given to someone like me that can manage it after one year of grace. Thank you, and looking up to you for a favorable consideration.

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To be sincere. I need this domain :

  1. The name is absolute different from other domain I have seen and it name is cool
  2. I will like to use this domain for a blog where I will he writing on Phone Specifications, Tech News, App Reviews and Free Browsing Tweaks. And it will be a chance for me to monetize using affiliate programs Jumia and Konga that have phones in affilate carts.

If this domain is granted to me, I will use it name to build it niche and take it to a higher level.

Now tell me a reason why I should not have this domain :smile: :wink: :slight_smile:

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This is a prime domain name that should never go to waste. The name is brand-able, non-restrictive, and focused. It needs the hand of the master to give it the justice it deserves. I love technology; it would be a perfect outlet to share that love (and make some good money out of it too).

#This is what I would do with if it were mine:

  1. Get a stable hosting and design a killer blog for the domain name.

  2. Do a thorough keyword research on a highly targeted tech sub-niche. From this keyword research, I aim to come out with at least 100 long tailed keywords, each with a monthly traffic of at least 2000. I will use Ahrefs and other tools for this.

  3. After developing the keywords, I will sit down and develop content strategy. I will then start writing content (and outsourcing some work as well) for the strategy. I will ensure that I write a really awesome copy for the site.

  4. After developing the content strategy and developing the content, I will start posting the articles according to the strategy.

  5. I will be doing outreach at the same time I will be executing the content strategy. The outreach is meant to get more backlinks for the site and publicize the blog. This will help with SEO. Better SEO=more organic traffic. Moreorganic traffic=high conversion (if the copy is really good). Aggressive outreach will help remove the blog from the sandbox much sooner.

  6. I will monetize this site with selected affiliate programs. I believe that the blog will start making solid money six months down the line having moved out of the sandbox, and with several pages indexed on the first page of Google.

  7. I will continuously improve the site by adding more keywords and improving the rankings, traffic, and income.

  8. When the income gets really good. I will come back here and give the members more goodies as we have been doing.

It may reach a time when members here will win blogs that are already monetized. Just thinking out loud.

#This plan is for the love of the domain name, @Larrycool and @jidetheblogger. :smile:

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Well, I already a blog on Tech with a dot ‘ga’ free domain, and if I could get this domain name - which is clearly SEO optimized, I’d just build on it with more keywords oriented contents and nice promotion. The blog I would like for is…

I hope I get this, and if I don’t, good luck to the winner. Good initiative here Jide.

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I have an unregistered blog on the free platform, Blogger. I will appreciate if I can win this domain name. I intend to use it for my blog and empower my target audience.

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Although am late and I know I might not be given the blog, but if am given the domain, I will use it for tech Tutorials because the name is already meant for technology

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Hi all, we’ve announced the winner here.

Thank you all for your submissions.

Expect more #freebies soon.

Congratulations to the winner. My time will also come. thank you @jidetheblogger for the freebies

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