George Floyd: Shops Looted And Burnt In Minneapolis

St. Paul police came in response to a loot at the Midway Target Thursday, following a night of protests, fires and damage across the river in Minneapolis. The police reveal that a crowd of 50-60 people rushed the University Avenue store at around 11:30 a.m. According to the police, people were reported to be running into the store, grabbing items and running without paying.

Officers attempted to stop the looting, “and the would-be thieves dropped the stolen merchandise and fled on foot,” a statement from police spokesman Steve Linders informed. During the officers response to the looting, a fight broke out between a person in a vehicle and someone on foot. Police reveal that the person in the car attempted to run over the pedestrian but missed and crashed into another vehicle. Linders informs that a crowd began to gather at a shoe store across the street, and officers remain on the scene to protect property in the area. Social media posts report looting and disruptive behavior at other locations. A number of people threw carts and glass bottles at police.


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