Facebook’s “Explore Feed” Feature. Do You Like it?

Do you like the new Facebook “explore feed” feature?

If this sounds strange to you, well it is a feature that helps you discover content across the social network, beyond posts from friends and Pages you already follow i.e the feed itself consists of posts, articles, photos and videos from sources you haven’t yet followed – like Facebook Pages or posts from news organizations.

The Explore Feed consists of content from Facebook Pages that are similar to those you’ve already liked, as well as those popular with friends – like a video that a number of people in your network are watching, for instance.

You can access the feature under the “More” menu in your Facebook app where it’s simply named “Explore Feed.”

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This will help, thanks @jideogunsanya

I have not been using it, my Facebook app wont update, it will download and reach 100%, it will refuse to install. Thanks for the post sha.

I don’t know why am not using the Facebook App all these while

Just don’t know why? :laughing:

I don’t use Facebook app! Let me wait till it comes to m.facebook.com