Facebook pulling wrong image when sharing link from wordpress blog? Try this

A blogger complained to me that Facebook shows wrong image when sharing links from his blog; that most times it’s even the blog’s logo that facebook displays as the thumbnail for blog posts links shared on Facebook.

I advised him to install WP Open Graph plugin for WordPress and the plugin fixed the problem for him.

The plugin lets you add facebook meta data (open graph protocol) to any post/page/content type, edit it and enjoy your blog sharing.

It uses post thumbnails (featured images) or the default image as og:image.

Also you can edit this data for any post, static home page and index blog page.

Plugin automatically adds data for any taxonomy archives (tags, categories, custom taxonomies) from term title and description.

So, if you are looking for how to fix facebook incorrect thumbnail issue in wordpress websites, you can try the plugin.

If there are alternative plugins or tricks, kindly share.

That’s cool, I will use the plugin too when facebook starts doing that to me.

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You can now try https://wordpress.org/plugins/opengraph/