Facebook Page Messages Appearing in Done Folder? Try This Fix

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So, earlier today I discovered that messages sent to my Facebook Page were appearing in the DONE folder instead of the Facebook Page inbox.

And you know, it does not make any sense having to move each message from the done folder to the inbox.

Anyway, I was able to fix the problem.


Go into your Facebook Page “Advanced Messaging” settings

Click on the “configure” button next to “App Settings”

And make sure your “Page Inbox” is not marked as “Secondary Receiver.”

Simply uncheck it by clicking it again in the dropdown, and you’ll be good to go!

![facebook page done folder to inbox messages|1363x790](upload://kXPoi8W67m7Q3q0UG9p1OYmqC3w.png)

That’s all

So, if you can’t find customer conversations not in your Facebook Page Inbox, try this fix.

I hope it helps.

NB : You can set the “Primary Receiver” to any app of your choice. Mine was set to one auto-messaging app I use.

Where is the done folder on facebook page ?

Wondering how to find move to done messages on facebook ? Check the “done folder”


If you are using a computer, click on the drop down icon as seen in the screenshot below and click “done”

![where is the done folder on facebook page|864x814](upload://4nntkoeOBviaXbkJk15Voe4eISq.png)


If you are on a mobile device using ‘Facebook Pages Manager” app, click the messages icon and click on that icon next to “inbox”

About the Handover Protocol

The handover protocol can be used to pass thread control from the Primary Receiver app to your Page inbox. This allows you to offer live chat by replying to messages sent to the Page inbox, and is also useful as a fallback if your bot is unable to understand a message. You can read more about Facebook handover protocol.

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