Emporio about me on Sidebar stays inside the post instead of staying at the top as it does on homepage

After following the tutorial I found here,


I noticed that the about me and labels gadget on my emporio template now stays inside on posts pages, instead of staying at the top.

Please, how do I fix this? Is is this normal?

How do I make the about me and posts labels gadgets stay on top when in post pages?

See the screenshot below for clearer understanding

Gadgets stays on top in hompage

Gadget stays inside post in post pages

You need to make some changes to your html

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I know I have to make changes to my html, but I do not know the cahnges to apply…

Please sir I am hoping you will teach me please?

What codes am I to tweak there? Thanks cc @jidetheblogger

Oh now i get it…

When viewed inside post, the sidebar gadget doesn’t begin from the top, right?

Yes, exactly…

Pls how do i fix it? make it come up to the top

There is a code to remove/add in your theme for that… I’ve forgotten the source where i got the code from

PleaseI really need it…

Hello @jidetheblogger please I need this adjustment too what and how do I do the changes.

Thanks for your help