Don't say it's for rich people" Makeup artist Bimpe Onakoya warns as she's finally taken off oxygen after suffering Covid-19 for over two weeks

Makeup artist, Bimpe Onakoya documented her battle with Covid-19 to warn people of the severity of the deadly virus.

The award-winning makeup artist said she spent over two weeks in a hospital in Kenya after she tested positive for Covid-19 in the East African country.

She said she got so sick and couldn’t breathe without choking or coughing so she had to be placed on oxygen.

She was diagnosed before Christmas and is still on the path to recovery.

“Covid is real,” she warned in a video, adding, “Don’t joke with it. Don’t say it’s for rich people.”

Sharing videos of herself battling the virus in the hospital, she wrote:

I survived the Covid!! Since the 23rd of December when I tested positive it didn’t relelent, my temperature was constantly btw 38 to 39.8 till New year eve when I could no longer breathe without choking and coughing, I had already developed pneumonia at that time, to cut a long story short, I got discharged yesterday, Covid is real, and it also comes with a lot of complications, please guard your life with all your might, this disease is unforgiving!!! Don’t ever get tired of masking up, washing and sanitising your hands, it took the intervention of Jesus for me to survive this!! I’m still in Kenya.

Below are video documentations of her health struggle.