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There are thousands of advertising networks out there that you can use to either advertise your business or make money from with your business. Most site/blog owners go for the latter option instead of the former because they feel that they have the tendency of bringing in the cash via that particular way.

Speaking of making money via these ad networks, it can be pretty difficult to do so within a short period of time. This is why most bloggers rely on Google AdSense as the only ad network that can see that come to pass. It is true that you can be earning more like a monthly salary if you serve Google AdSense ads on your blog, but what about those that can’t get Google AdSense ads running on their blog, what should they do, what ad network should they serve on their blog.

Top bloggers will tell you that serving ads on your blog is not the only way of making money online, in fact, that this is an old technique for making money from your blog as there are new and better ways of making money from your blog. I won’t lie that this is actually true, but we must also note that not everyone succeeds in one particular thing, that’s why we’ve been able to cover the top 7 ways by which you can make money online legitimately. This topic covers 7 ways by which you can earn money online without having to stress yourself.

Back to what we were discussing earlier about ad networks, we all know that there are many of them, we also know that not all of them is right for us. The reason can be due to the fact that we are in a region that limits our chances of serving that particular ad network ads, like or their cost per click rates are too low. This is why I’ve singled out a particular ad network for you today.

This ad network has paid me couple of times since I started blogging 2 years ago, even as the money was little but it was something that I could make use of when the need arises. Even as a small blogger like me, you can still monetize your site with this ad network. You won’t have to worry about being banned unless the need arises, and you can also add the money earned from them to your Google AdSense earnings. The name of this ad network is called Dochase Adx .

Dochase Adx review

What is Dochase Adx?

Dochase Adx is an advertising company that gives local publishers the opportunity to interface with various advertisers worldwide and vice versa. Dochase Adx technology enables brands and agencies achieve great results in programmatic media buying, innovative ads delivery, and a run complete digital agency. Reach new markets, manage client expectations, deliver reports real time and more.dochase adx review

With Dochase Adx, you have the opportunity to either monetize your blog or get traffic by advertising your brand via their platform. Dochase Adx cross channel technology enables brands and advertising agencies to advertise to right customers on the internet. Like other ad networks, there are only two major things that this ad network can offer you and this is the option to;

  • Advertise your brand; and
  • Advertise for them.

The first option will mandate for you to pay money to them and they will now serve your paid ad via those site owners who wants to advertise for them.

Features of advertising with Dochase Adx

  1. Discover Right Audience: With this, you get to discover the right audience for your product across websites, social media and mobile. Their deep analytic technology processes millions of anonymized user data to understand and specify your target audience. Who is your customer, where are they and what are they buying.
  2. Target Right Customers: Target your digital message to the right customers. Their rich targeting parameters filters your messages to the right targets by demographic, interest behavior and lots more. Putting the right campaign to the right person reduces wastes of budgets and increases engagements.
  3. Solution for Agencies: Dochase helps you streamline the process of launching or transforming your programmatic offering. They get you running with access to localised global inventory on Google Adx, other exchanges, direct publishers and apps.

Advertising with Dochase Adx might help your site’s traffic increase by 300%. No one can really tell until you try it out, to sign up as a Dochase advertiser, click here. If you need help setting up your advertiser campaign, you can click here to download this ebook that will lecture you on how to that.

Features of advertising for Dochase Adx

  1. Regular payments: You will get regular payments for your revenue while concentrating on the content and things that matter. They hardly delay payments.
  2. Security: Their top priority on this platform is an enabling a secure environment for both publishers and advertisers to cut out any forms of malicious codes and bot traffic.
  3. Direct Publisher Verification: They have high standards and thus deliver same to advertisers. Dochase verifies every traffic before they add them on the exchange thereby giving advertisers real human traffic across all verticals.
  4. Brand Safe Ads: Dochase uses ad verification technology to block unsafe ads, malware and deceptive adverts from harming your website. Your web is safe and earnings secured.
  5. Optimum CPM and Fill Rate : Using their RTB, many advertisers compete for your traffic and the higher bidder wins. This ensures you are pay highest for your web content.
  6. Global Advertising demands: Dochase fills your space with advertisers from local and international advertisers. They are on of the largest advertisers in emerging markets.

Being a publisher for Dochase Adx can go a long way for you and your site. Being a publisher can ensure that the money starts rolling in soon, the best part is that Dochase Adx has a payment threshold of $5.56 (N2,000). Click here to apply to become a publisher for Dochase Adx and also click here to download the ebook on how to monetize your traffic with Dochase Adx.

Conclusion: Out of all the ad networks that I’ve tried monetizing my blog with, there are only two ad networks that have paid me and Dochase Adx is one of them. They don’t waste time when they want to pay you and their customer care support is 99.9% great. Their payment date is on the 28th of every month.