Constant Spam messages from someone on my WordPress blog

Is my blog has malwares? From last one month, someone from different IPs is constantly messaging on my WordPress blog. I can’t contact that guy, so I’m just tired of deleting those spammy comments again n again. If you know, it takes a lot of time to select those comments and filter out to spam section. comment

As you can see, there are couples of spammy comments all over this page with unique IPs which I’m not able to block. I have been checked my website and found no malware, and the spam score is 0/17 in Moz. It means my blog is 100% safe to access.

Disable the url field in your comment form.

Ok, thanks. Let’s see if it solves the problem.

Any other option?

Please Ogajide, is this applicable in blogger blog because i have the same spammy comment on my blog