Clarification On Payoneer New Policy


(John) #1

Hi, I recently created a question due to my doubt on the payoneer new policy when I was doubting them. you can check the trend right here

`here. But Today I am going to be giving away a Clarification to Payoneer new policy. All thanks to @Tuhamworld and @jidetheblogger.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is an online platform that works just like a virtual bank and serve as an intermediary between International Companies and Their Clients, Making it easy for them to get their funds.

Payoneer Old Policy?

According to my Understanding, I have known Payoneer even before I got approved on Adsense. I know payoneer to to have always shipped card to any user that registers an account with them regardless of where you live.

Why the Old policy was created? This policy was created to ensure smooth relationship between Payoneer and their clients. And to enable their clients receive their funds anywhere in the world.

Why the policy was Changed?

Payoneer was forced to change this beautiful policy of theirs due to some set of people misusing this opportunities. We all know how much it costs to get a naira MasterCard from our banks in Nigeria here, Not to talk of the shipping fees. Since It is free for us, some people gets the card and puts it on top of their television, some even use it as a ruler in class(Lol) without Thinking of what the Company will loose. They do this things and never try to get funds to their Payoneer account.

What is Payoneer New Policy?

In other to Curb the abuse of the card and stop the wasting without gaining process of shipping master cards to different countries of the world for free. Payoneer decide to always open an account for their clients Free of charge as usual, but never allow them order a MasterCard until they have received $30 dollars or more to your Payoneer account. So no cause for alarm if you do not get the options to order for a new card on your payoneer Account. Just make at least $30 on your payoneer account and your card will be shipped right to your door step.

What do you think about the new Policy?? Let’s sees what you think via the comment box below

(Jide Ogunsanya) #2

Thanks for sharing this screenshot…

(Aboyi Pius) #3

Nice post! I learnt something. And I love the new policy.

(Aseize Okaztle) #4

Bad policy.

(John) #5

Tell me why you think the policy is not okaym.I think the policy is Okay

(Aseize Okaztle) #6

Now everyone has to pay 30USD to get the card :credit_card: shipped? Whats OK about that?

(Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)) #7

Thanks for the mention and post bro. The new policy is okay though but i think that amount is a little bit too high

(Olaniyi Mudasiru (Whale)) #8

It’s a great policy, I have opened my Payoneer like 5 months ago and didn’t get my card until recently and already starting receiving with it… I also have friends holding the card without any use for it and have received the card just weeks after registration…

(John) #9

Payoneer never charges anything for the card… Please see the screenshot I uploaded with the initial posts. The only way they charge is for maintenance and that happens annually.

(Prince Chibuogwu) #10

Please can i use my temporary national id slip with the NIMC number to apply for payoneer account?

(Aboyi Pius) #11

Yes you can

(John) #12

i just got my payoneer card today and my first adsense payment…ThankGod

(Jide Ogunsanya) #13

Wow! Congrats bro!

(Aboyi Pius) #14

Congrats! Where do you blog?

(John) #15

I blog at music, lyric, entertainment gists

(Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)) #16

Was it after you had certain amount in your Payoneer account before you were shipped the card

(John) #17

@tuhamworld sorry for the late reply… immediately I made up to $40 dollars in my payoneer account and to be concise $140 I got the order card option on my wall.

(Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)) #18

Alright bro

Thanks for the info

(Prince Chibuogwu) #19

Please i just created my payoneer account but i can’t find the refer a friend on my activity dashboard ,pls how can i go about it. thanks

(Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)) #20

Check the right bottom side of your dashboard