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I’ve been out reading into the past and future of SEO for the past 3 months… Backlinks aren’t the all-and-all of SEO. Content comprehensiveness is the new trend.

Backlinks, Quality Content, Onsite+Offsite SEO, advertising all merged together. I think that’s what increases rank

DA and PA will fade away soon just as PR died. Google is becoming smarter… Read a post on Whiteboard Friday at Moz that succinctly explains how low DA and PA sites, majority of which are new, outranked authority blogs with high-to-the-roof DA and PA. Don’t get a your hopes on Backlinks. Quality content isn’t even enough. Comprehensive content is the leading, but unpopular trend causing wonders on the SERP.

What’s Comprehensive Content?

A unique brand of quality content that asks different questions about a topic and answers them exhaustively. Google sniffs it out using it’s keyword density trait (code/algorithm) and weighs the coverage and to place them above the conventional quality content that’s too long and most times, pointless.

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Wow. This is getting serious

Ofcourse! Backlinks are still relevant today and ever!

Sure they are. Trust me. Better content makes it perfect.

Not ever. Google’s policies and ranking factors change every time. They may choose to dump backlinks as a factor anytime. They may choose recency over all other factors… Who knows. I’ve observed blogs with longer content and domain authority of 5 outrank blogs with domain authority of over 30, but with shorter content. Do this assignment yourself. Google “Davido net worth 2018”, see the results, analyze it.

Prosper Noah, I’ve read your blog severally. Buying links is unethical. As a marketer, you should know the implications, except your a gray hat search engine optimizer…

New ways to get backlinks…

#1: Directly seeking for backlinks by emailing webmasters in same niche as you.

#2: Guest Blogging for links (because you can guest blog for other reasons)

#3: Hosting contests/competitions

#4: Giving awards or making a list of top 10/20/30/40 tech blogs. When you do this, it becomes a reason for the blogs you listed to link to you in one of their articles

#5 Developing an application or a tool. This could also be an EBook or something very important… And that’s totally free to use.