Can Photoshopped Id be used For Payoneer Account verification?


(Abdulsamad) #1

Hello here. I wanna ask a question about Payoneer Verification.

We all know payoneer mastercard is what most use in purchasing online, but it requires verification at some stages. But during the course of registration, a fake details was used, Now it requires verification, all the details used are available and can be inserted where needed in the Id.

Can i used a well photoshoped id for the verification?

(Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)) #2

It might but will surely haunt you later… I strongly advise against it

(Abdulsamad) #3

Thanks bro

(Don Martins) #4

It’s best you go get yourself a original ID to use to verify it if you don’t have any.

(Chikamso marcellinus) #5

Agree with you

(Abdulsamad) #6

Thanks all