Buy Shares on your Favourite Big Brother Naija Housemate and Win Cash

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The Big Brother Naija Reality TV show is back again, and viewers have started throwing their support for their favourite housemates so far.

With Big Brother Naija, the fun never stops, and has also ensured you don’t just watch the show, but you also get the opportunity to make some cash by buying shares on your favorite housemates.

In the 2019 edition, several people won various cash amounts from by staking their cash on the available bets on the housemates via the platform, and from all indications, this year’s edition promises to be BIG. Read about how it works and how to sign up as you read on.

How do I make money on BBNaija via

Here is the simple concept, every BBNaija housemate in the house has a share value on the platform.

The share prices are determined by supply and demand, the prices go up when demand goes up and vice versa.

So how do you make Profit?

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You make profit by buying low and selling high For example when you buy Laycon’s share at 556NGN / share, and the demand went up based on other users purchasing that particular share, you could end up selling it for 5000 or more when the price goes up.

How to Sign up on

![ buy bbnaija shares online make money|936x529](upload://xCDCkFHMddDejyrSFLeeFNLU4D9.png)


To see the available shares for individual house mates and buy your shares

Remember the whole idea is to buy low and sell high, it is better to buy early so you can reap more profits when demand begin to increase as the show proceeds.

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