Bose Bluetooth Sunglasses Are Back With Tempo, Tenor and Soprano Models

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Tempo, Tenor, and Soprano join the first Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses introduced in 2018 — Alto and Rondo.

Bose, the headphone maker has announced the launch of the three new Bose Bluetooth Sunglasses — each combining the protection and style of premium sunglasses, the functionality of premium headphones and the world’s first audio augmented reality platform (Bose Ar) — into one revolutionary wearable.

Frames take micro-acoustics and voice control to an entirely new level, debuting the future of mobile sound in the tiniest, thinnest, most lightweight Bose system ever. With a proprietary open-ear design, Bose Frames can stream music and information, take and make calls, and access virtual assistants — while keeping playlists, entertainment, and conversations private.

“Bose Frames are both revolutionary and practical,” said Mehul Trivedi, director of Bose Frames. “They look and act like classic sunglasses — until you turn them on. And then you’re connected to your phone, contacts, the web, and all its audible content, just like headphones. There’s nothing else like them — they’re a breakthrough you have to see, wear, and hear to believe.”

The new Bose Frames : Tempo, Tenor and Soprano

Tenor is a smaller, square style; Soprano is a subtle cat eye. The Tempo is the more premium of the trio.

The new Frames Tempo, Tenor, and Soprano have polarized lenses, block up to 99% of UV rays, and look, fit, and perform like the world’s most acclaimed sunglasses for outdoor sports and daily wear. Whether you’re out competitively or casually, they provide the same situational awareness — there’s nothing in your ears or over them.


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Their wafer-thin Bose systems are discreetly embedded in each arm without extra parts, visible screws, seams, or perforations. You can’t see the electronics, and you can’t feel them either. Adding less than 50 grams of weight, the difference is imperceptible — until you turn them on.

Then, Frames transform, wirelessly connecting to your phone to stream music, take and make calls, and use your personal assistant — privately. Using exclusive Bose technology, their sound is richer and clearer than their predecessor, but can be just as personal: With their speaker systems precisely configured and directed toward you, content and conversations are seemingly isolated in an audio bubble that you can hear, but others can’t.

Tempo, Tenor, and Soprano feature advanced voice pick-up. A one-microphone system has been replaced with a dual-beam-forming array that shields what you’re saying from wind, noise, and other nearby conversations. Combined with new digital signal processing, the result is noticeable on the far-end. For all voice communication, your speech is more intelligible. Talking on the phone is easier. And talking with your VPA is, too.

To hear all your music at any listening level, the new Frames use new Volume-optimized EQ. Played softly to relax, low frequencies won’t disappear from your favorite song. Played at full tilt for motivation, they won’t distort. Turning them up or down is brilliantly easy with an integrated touch control — just slide your finger forward and backward on the right temple. All other common commands can be managed on the right temple via taps or a multi-function button.

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Download Bose Sunglasses App

Bose Connect app aka Bose sunglasses app enhances the experience with Bose bluetooth sunglasses and allows you to easily adjust product settings from your mobile device. It also provides additional product features and software updates for new features in the future — like Bose AR experiences can be found in the Bose Connect app and the Bose Music app.

The free Bose Connect app is available for iOS and Android devices at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. (Note: Android devices might request Location access. This is required for the device to connect to your product using Bluetooth® Low Energy.)

Bose Sunglasses Price

Each of the new Bose Frames is prescription-ready and available through Bose stores,, select resellers; and global markets. They will all be sold for $249.

Hence, you can estimate the price of Bose bluetooth sunglasses in Nigeria by converting the price of Bose sunglasses at to Nigeria currency, using the current dollar to naira exchange rate.

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