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Do you know you can get paid for doing what you love doing – sharing blog post and commenting on such. offers one of the most ‘meaningful’ ways to make money online – without investing a dime.

You can post, Comments and share with friends and get paid.

Perfect for you if :

  • You like reading blog articles AND you wish to start blogging too.
  • You wish to start blogging WHILE earning passive income as an affiliate.

  • You want to improve writing skills and receive online success tips on a daily basis.

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How Much Does It Pay?

  • pays you N100 per post especially if you post about on other blogs, like Nairaland, etc
  • pays N10 per comment.

It may not sound much, but this is going to be a huge advantage if you can post more than 1 daily.

For example:
if you can write 10 post per day, every day for 30 days (i.e. 300 comments per month in total), here’s what will happen.

You will earn 300 X N100 = N30,000

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You earn this without any investment.

Meanwhile, if all you can do is to comment or share on Facebook, and you can do that 30times daily, everyday for 30 days (i.e. 900 comments per month in total), here’s what will happen.

You will earn 900 X N10 = N9,000. That is N3000 monthly just for commenting and sharing.

No investment required, you can start right away.

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