Blogger Blogs Using Custom Domain Not Opening


(Tech Addict) #21

Mine is opening well. I never encountered such downtime even when I tried accessing other sites on blogger dashboard. WizyTechs Blog

(Aseize Okaztle) #22

nothing’s different here on this side. Still can’t access any even that Wizy thing

(Aseize Okaztle) #23

Guys, i don’t know when they are gonna fix this issue but you can access your blogger blog and others on Chrome or firefox or any browser…

Just you have to use VPN, I’m tunneling United States and it opens on my end…


(Břy Añ Wālker) #24

Hahahahahahahahahah Complains Every WHere! I dey Open My own Well! But Get Some Blogger Site Wey No Dey Open With My GLO Network! But With other Network E dey Open Just Fine! Cloud9ng.Com – A Nigerian Entertainment Blog

(Adebola Maxwell Morris) #25

Even too is not accessible with glo network, may be glo doesn’t change IP again when browsing.

(Aseize Okaztle) #26

Nawa for Glo network,every audience using glo will now think person blog don run down...

(saheed) #27

I checked this forum because my blog myschoolrick is not opening on desktop. Now I can see several bloggers on custom domain are facing the same prob. How do we go about this.

(Jide Ogunsanya) #28

You should all send email to

Tell them what’s happening. You can send blog address and screenshot of what you see when you try accessing your blog.

(Emmanuel Ekanem) #29

I think this is the best thing to do… Nice point Oga Jide… :+1:

(Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)) #30


I was wondering maybe you thought the issue had resolved and that’s why you close that private thread

(Frank Mbonu) #31

hello readers i fixed mine i think the problem is that glo is seeing blogger HTTP:// sites as a malicious site so i added HTTPS:// to my site and its now working perfectly okcheck out my site

(matthew stephen) #32

I google searched to see topics like this, the only ones I was getting were worst case scenarios… like Nigerian Government cracking down on social media and blog owners… It turns out GLO has been responsible for this huge FIASCO.