Blogger Blogs Not Opening On Custom Domain? Temporary Solution

Recently, i think starting from September 30, 2017, Blogger Blogs on Custom Domain Refused To Load On PC and at first i thought it was something minor which is to be resolved within 24hrs until the issue proves persistent and up till now, it has not yet been resolved.

However it seems the issue had something to do with the Network Provider as some said they could access blogger blogs on PC but almost all GLO Subscribers are unable to view sites on their PC

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What Causes This Issue?

From my own perspective, i presume GLO must have intentionally block subscribers access to some websites which they believe could hurt their services. Meanwhile in the course of taking this step, they have also stopped people from accessing important websites like "blogger blogs, [couldn’t access it here], and some other sites.

Any Temporary Solution At The Moment?

Well, recently i stumbled upon a temporary solution to make you access blogger blogs and other sites you couldn’t open before now. This solution is pretty simple and works on Firefox browser. All you need to do is download the anonymox add-ons and activate it.

Bottom Line : I tried to chat with GLO customer care as regards the issue but the result was negative. I would be glad if we join hands to bring this to their awareness. Though the measure might be great for them but at least they should revoke the blocked access to some important sites like; blogger blogs, domainking and sorts

I would really urge them to review the steps they just took so as not to lose more of their data subscribers

cc: @jidetheblogger @Jayboss @mazinoweb @RealityEmma


Yes, VPN and other proxy tools will help…

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I doubt if glo have any reason to block blogger’s blog. I think its a problem they are yet to fix

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Glo subscribers can run away from them… This is crazy

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yea using VPN has helped but its now loading for me

I saw a post where you mention glo 3g support email… I just sent them a mail, i hope they look into it asap

What am not sure yet is whether they intentionally did that or it’s unknowingly

lol… If they don’t solve this ASAP, am afraid they might lose more of their customers

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I wish one doesn’t have to go through that before enjoying access

Abi but for the time been

You don’t even need a VPN, all your need is just a browser, that’s all… But I’m not sure if it’s available for PC :computer:

Epic browser should work then…

I also encounter this when a client called my attention to it. I tried to access ogbongeblog too but not going through, but I later come up some solution for both site visitors and owners

That’s true sha but the thing don dey long ooh

You mean one can access blogger blogs without using VPN on PC?

The thng is working fine on mobile though

Epic browser supports without using VPN?

The post is saying the same thing here joor… Thought you meant something else :frowning_face:

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nice post @tuhamworld Glo know what they are doing…

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they should rectify it before they lose more customers… Am no fan of Glo anyways

I called their customer care about the development but they said the error is not from their side… Someone also said the issue do sometimes happen with Airtel I hope this is not from Blogger itself?