Best And Cheap Hosting Plan For A New Blog

Good morning to you all, i’m planning to open a new wordpress blog, but i’m confused as to what hosting plan i should use, i’ve checked out different plans though, but i need sometime kind of cheap.

Your suggestion would be appreciate, Thanks

Try Garanntor or Domainking

Go for cPanel hosting plan and install your wordpress in it. Start with a plan you can afford and be ready to upgrade as your site grows…

Yes, i will be upgrading the plan as the site grows, i just need an hosting that wouldn’t take a lot from my pocket.

or you could also try with the Free Web Hosting mentioned at Ogbongeblog here

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Pls which one will be good for blogger blog

Blogger blog doesn’t need hosting plan. Google host Blogger blogs for free

As said earlier by @RealityEmma, I would also suggest you to use Domainking for as low as N2999, well their hosting price don’t really matter but I must confess that I love their customers services, they reply to any complain with immediate response and they can even help you setup your servers if you get stuck along the process without paying a dime

Hosting for Blogger Blog? :smile:

You no need to buy any hosting bro… Google is your hosting provider which is free :wink: