Apology To All Ogbongebloggers and Jide The Blogger

(Emmanuel Godwin) #1

Hello Fellow Ogbongebloggers, please am on my knees begging you guys to forgive me for all the violations and how i’ve made you guys always having to follow my links in order to see my complete articles.

The thing is, i’ve really gotten a ton of complaints both from here, Nairaland and xclub… and i want to use this chance to say that i’m really sorry, and i promise to turn a new leaf, infact i’ve already turned s new leaf, and i promise to upload to start uploading complete articles starting from my next post.

You guys shouldn’t blame me, i’m just a new blog, and am just trying everything possible to grow my website, that is what every mother will do to protect her young in the wild.

Once Again I am sincerely sorry… Merry Christmas To All Of Us @ ogbongeblog.com and www.correctblogger.com

(Endy Uzo) #2

ok, sir we know your blogger now. it is not showing on laptop. what CMS are you using

(Emmanuel Godwin) #3

Am Using Blogspot… and i am currently using a laptop to view it right here in front of me. What error message did it flag you when you tried opening it?

(Endy Uzo) #4

it is just loading without opening

(Jide Ogunsanya) #5

Which network are you using to access the blog?

(Emmanuel Godwin) #6

MTN sir… But i don’t know about Mr Uzo… And it opens here with the speed of light

(Endy Uzo) #7

am using Glo

(Aboyi Pius) #8

I think that is why. I wonder if this was what made @jidetheblogger to move to wp.

(Moses Ukanna) #9

Actually, WP is super, it’s Bae. It’s a lot better than blogger and until you move to WP, there’s a level of success you won’t attain.

(Emmanuel Godwin) #10

Glo is a naturally slow network na… abi have you forgotten Slow With Pride?

(Endy Uzo) #11

Nah bro it is the best, i use both for my blog and youtube