Am i welcome - Lordhardex

(Abdulsamad) #1

My Name is Abdulsamad, But i chose to B Lordhardex online.

I’ve heard a lot about The Ogbonge Planet and i’m sure i will get some online problems solved here and also, i will solve any that’s in my reach too.

Hoping to see the most from this platform.

I Duff cap for all My bpsses in the House. Treat me gently pls, i promise to b a good chaild :pray::pray:.

Mah no forget, @jidetheblogger ur blessings never start yet!! God will crown all ur efforts sir, Thanks for this community…

Lordhardex of CrystalMack

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(Chaktty) #2

You’re welcome man

(Abdulsamad) #3

Thanks man

(Jide Ogunsanya) #4

You’re welcome bro. I can’t wait to see you help in growing the community!

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(Emmanuel Ekanem) #5

Welcome onboard!

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(Abdulsamad) #6

Thanks To y’all…

(Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)) #7

You’re welcome to this forum bro but this your style of introduction ehn :smile:

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(Abdulsamad) #8

Wetin do ma intro na