Alternative Way To Make International Payment If Your ATM Card Not Working

If you have probably already activated your ATM card to be able to make online transactions, and have been making international transactions seamlessly with the debit card in time past, and there was no stopping you.

Alternative Way To Make International Payment If Your ATM Card Not Working

You could pay for stuffs you bought from amazon or ebay, buying domains and web hosting from any registrar be it godaddy, namecheap, etc, booking and paying for hotel accommodations when you plan a trip overseas, pay for facebook ads or other social media or adnetworks, etc was a piece of cake.

And not until recently, your card stopped being able to make payments online. You can't make payments online. Even your Nigerian paypal that was linked to your bank account or ATM card can't bail you out too.

Well you could try getting a payoneer card but even that could take weeks to get to your doorstep, that is if it doesn't get lost due to Nigeria's current poor address and delivery system.

If you are currently unable to use your bank atm card for making online payments on international or foreign websites, well this is an alternative way to actually pay for foreign online transaction.

The best part of it is that you can use any type of ATM card, be it Mastercard, Visa or even Verve card.

Have you heard of Virtual cards? 

Virtual cards are like your ATM cards, they expiry date, have 3-digits CVV and may even have your name on it. But they are not physical cards. Meaning unlike your ATM cards, you can't touch them. They are e-cards, well virtual cards. They are online debit cards. You have them saved in your account in the issuer's website.

They are basically designed to make online payments. You credit or fund them with any amount you wish, from as low as one dollars to a few hundred of dollars. Then you can use the card details when making online payments and the paid amount is deducted from the card balance.

There are a couple of virtual card issuers online. But what we want is an issuer that we will be able to fund locally, since ATM cards can still make local online payments and so I will be recommending

GetBarter offers her users barter Virtual Mastercard that they fund locally with their ATM cards and can use to make both foreign and local online transactions. With Getbarter, you can have as many Virtual cards as you want in one account and you can even change the name on the card. Currently, the fee for having or managing more than one Getbarter virtual cards was lifted indefinitely.

I've used Getbarter Mastercards to successfully make a couple of payments on foreign websites. I've also used it to pay for a domain bought from

You will be able to fund Getbarter virtual mastercard using your bank's ATM Debit card. You can use Visa card, Mastercard and even Verve card to successfully fund your Gebarter dollar account and then use the funded card to make payment to any online merchant, websites, etc for products, services, etc.

For step by step guide on how to fund Getbarter Virtual Mastercards and use them for making online payments, read this article.

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