AdSense address verification

Please help! What other way again can I verify my address on AdSense. After several request for pin, I didn’t recieve any post from Google. In fact, I had to open a new AdSense account after adverts stop to display due to my inability to verify my address in the first AdSense account.

I am facing same in this new account. Pls help!!!

Adsense provide 3 times address verification attempt, if it fails you upload your bank statement to them

Bro, provide the right post office address to google. Make sure it’s really correct. On the fourth day after receiving a notification from Google that they’ve sent your pin, go to the local post office, tell them you’re expecting a letter. Drop your number with them. Keep checking. Google DEFINITELY delivers the pin to the addresses you provide. Most Nigerian publishers don’t get it because of the lackluster attitude of people working in post offices… Dem fit use am buy akara.