Add pages link at your blogspot footer

How can I add pages link at my blog footer link the one bellow?:sweat: I need to add About us | contact us | privacy policy to my blog foot but it dosen’t give my enough space for that , it only allows me to write very few things help me out please sir @jideogunsanya

I guess you are using one of the new blogger themes.

If yes, sign in to your blogger dashboard, navigate to “Theme” > “Edit HTML”

Click inside the HTML

Press CTRL F on your keyboard and find </body>

Copy this code and paste directly above the </body>

<div id='myfooterlinks' style='text-align: center;'>
<div id='myfooterlinks2'>
<a href='paste link here'>Home</a> | <a href='paste link here'>About</a> | <a href='paste link here'>Contact</a> | <a href='paste link here'>Advertise</a> | <a href='paste link here'>Privacy Policy</a> | 
<div id='myfooterlinks1'>
Copyright &#169; 2017, Ogbongeblog Planet.

Replace paste link here with the links you want to link to.



Thanks you sir

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Home | About | Contact | Advertise | Privacy Policy |
Copyright © 2017, Ogbongeblog Planet.

Testing the code!

:grinning: :grin: This is great! Thanks alot


Please sir kindly help me here thanks

Oh, I didn’t see it on time. I’ve already replied you via PM.

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yea! you did sir, thanks for the PM :thumbsup: