A-Z of Mini-Importation: Learn from an Importer’s Step by Step Guide – Join the Seminar and Get my Award-Wining eBook FREE

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A-Z of Mini-Importation: Learn from an Importer’s Step by Step Guide

Join the Seminar and Get my Award-Wining eBook FREE

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MINI IMPORTATION and e-commerce business are still some of the best businesses that one can start and make a huge income in Nigeria. Ecommerce means that one has an online store where one sells products. So many people are aware of this opportunity but do not have the necessary skills to embark on it. So many others, on the other hand, think of importation as a business meant only for the rich, without knowing that they can start with as low as #10,000.

As the Covid-19-induced lockdown is being lifted gradually in Nigeria and across the globe, many Nigerians are looking for what to lay their hands on to “restart” their lives. Mini Importation as well as e-commerce is a viable and lucrative option in such a time as this. That’s why I feel the need to let you know more about this often misunderstood and feared business by organizing a comprehensive seminar it.

One thing you must know is that mini Importation is not rocket science neither is it a business meant for the tech-savvy only. The only thing that Mini Importation requires of you, as a prerequisite, is the ability to use an internet-accessing device like a phone or laptop. You will learn every other thing you need to know – in its most simplified form – in the course of the seminar.


This one-of-its-kind seminar is meant for you if:

  • You want to start a business but don’t know exactly…
  • You know about mini importation but are too scared to start it.
  • You are a student, graduate, NYSC member, stay-at-home mum or dad.
  • You want to make extra income online.
  • You are a “retired but not tired” citizen.
  • You are a job seeker
  • You’re doing business and want to buy directly from manufacturers abroad.
  • You have been into Mini Importation but lack any of the information listed below.


  1. How to buy from China’s 1688, Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba, Bangood, etc. and ship directly to your doorstep/office. This means that you don’t have to pick up your item in Lagos, Kano or Abuja.
  2. How to ship from China to Nigeria within two days (48hours). You’ll be introduced to a company that will ship out immediately they receive your item from the supplier.

  3. How to ship from China to Nigeria at $6.6 per kg.

  4. The best and most trusted procurement companies. You don’t have to lose your money again to dud agents.

  5. How to know products that will surely sell. I will teach you my personal Phenomenal Hacks on how to use tools like ecomhunt.com, nichescrapper.com and others to know products that will sell and those that a likely not to.

  6. A list of at least 20 products that you can begin to import with just #600 and sell at #5000 per piece.

  7. How to customize products from china. Customization is writing your own name on a product. By now you probably already know that Infinix, Tecno, and Itel are owned by a Nigeria who is also the owner of Slot – the company that sells phones.

  8. How to select a product niche(s). I’ll also show you 20 most profitable product categories/niches you can begin to import with a start-up capital of N15000 (guaranteed).

  9. The mistake that the so-called experts make, and how you can avoid it. The same mistake I made in 2017 that almost cost me my business. I wrote about it on page 43 of the book.

  10. What information marketers, who “teach” mini importation, don’t know about the business itself.

  11. How to check Chinese showrooms right from your mobile phone here in Nigeria.

  12. How to buy a small quantity of any product from China even when the seller says he/she can only sell in a large quantity. Stepping down MOQ (minimum order quantity) is a virtue every mini importer should learn how to do.

  13. How to sell on Jumia and Konga. Ordinarily, to sell on Jumia, you must be living in Lagos. However, by the end of this seminar, you will learn how to sell on Jumia from any state in Nigeria.

  14. The strategy you can use to win over organizations so that you can customize their end of the year souvenir for them right from china.

As a bonus, I will also teach you how to create a compelling Facebook page for your business and introduction to landing page design.

Above all, you will learn how to Import from Turkey, Vietnam, India, Thailand (for books, A4 paper and rice). You also be able to create a free ecommerce website – you don’t have to pay for domain or hosting. I will guide you on how to make an ecommerce website using ecwid.com, sendbox.co, flutterwave.com and three others.


The seminar will cost you only a token N1000. And you are assured of a refund after the seminar if you don’t get value for your money. You will also be refunded if any of the promises above is not dealt with as stated.

You’ll be trained by a professional and a seasoned Importer – Uzu Chidiebere Uzu. He is the author of Millionaire Mini-Importers – Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria and PayPal’s Conquest – How to Create a Business PayPal Account for Banned Countries.

Click here to Register.(Registration is N1000, chat us on WhatsApp, make payment, then we will send the eBook to you and add you to the WhatsApp group where the seminar will be held. The seminar is done in batches). NOTE THAT REGISTRATION ENDS IN A WEEK.