7 Facebook Status Update Ideas for People That Make Money Online

Do you make money online and you don’t know what you can post as a Facebook status ?

Try these suggestions :

  1. Share a success story or milestone you’ve reached in your online business to inspire and motivate your followers.

  2. Offer a limited-time discount or promotion on one of your products or services to incentivize sales.

  3. Post a tutorial or how-to guide related to your niche or industry to provide value to your followers and establish yourself as an expert.

  4. Share a sneak peek or teaser of an upcoming product or service launch to build anticipation and generate buzz.

  5. Post a poll or survey to gather feedback from your audience and improve your products or services.

  6. Share a blog post or article you’ve written about a topic related to your niche or industry to drive traffic to your website.

  7. Offer a free resource or tool related to your niche or industry to encourage engagement and build your email list.

Remember to keep your posts engaging, informative, and valuable to your audience. And don’t forget to include relevant hashtags and tags to increase your reach and engagement.

If you’ve got more suggestions, you can share via comments.

Good luck!