5 Ways to Get Your Audience to Act on Limited-Time Offers

No doubts, limited-time offers are a powerful marketing tool.

But you can’t just promise a time-constraining offer and leave it at that. You have to captivate your audience with your copy and convince them to say “yes.”

Use these 5 writing tricks to get your audience to act on limited-time offers :

1 . Define what makes the offer different from others and what new experience customers will get from it. Gifts like free cards make for a new customer experience.

2 . Don’t use CTAs like “Act Now” or “While Supplies Last.” Instead, draw attention to the offer’s deadline with copy like this: “Ends Friday at Midnight”, “Last Day”, “Today Only”. These types of phrases create a higher level of urgency to get your audience to buy now. This technique works great when there are only a few hours left.

3 . Instead of using action-centric calls-to-action like Call Now!, Act Fast!; you could create more excitement by calling attention to the benefits e.g

Their call-to-action “Order Now and Receive by Friday!” fulfills a benefit by telling customers they’ll get fast shipping. That adds value to the offer, and when coupled with a “Today Only” deadline, it gets people to act quickly.

4 . Your offer should highlight the most important points that will get your audience to act – like the benefit and the deadline. There’s no need to get overly complicated in naming your offer or trying to shove every detail into your marketing material. Example :

Notice how there’s a link to “Details” so people can learn more if they want to?

The ad doesn’t comtain all details, which keeps the most important points upfront without stressing out buyers.

5 . Be Honest

If you say your offer ends at midnight, it should end at midnight. Otherwise, your audience won’t act as fast the next time because they will expect the offer to last longer. Honesty also comes into play in how you describe your offer to differentiate it from others. Don’t call it your “best offer ever” if it isn’t.

Limited-time offers are a smart marketing move. People will jump on them like there’s no tomorrow. But it’s not the time-constraint alone that entices conversions and sales. The way you write your ad will affect your success rate. Use the tips above to write limited-time offer copy that will convince customers to act fast.

Source : https://www.crazyegg.com/blog/limited-time-offers/

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Great Post bro!

Limited offers are great but if one didn’t implement the right strategies, it might fail and even make users lose trust in future offers