3 Websites Where You Can Find Free Stock Photos for Your Canva and Snappa Designs

Google is full of images, but not all of them are allowed for commercial reuse, and using them might result in legal action against you.

So, when next you want to create visuals at Canva or Snapp.io, you can use the three sites below when looking for free stock pictures for your designs:

  • Pixabay – here you can find tons of photos, drawings and vectors that can be used for free. You can search by image type, color, category or keyword.

  • Unsplash – every 10 days this resource offers 10 new high-resolution images. Unfortunately, the images are not categorized, so it may take some time to find exactly what you need.

  • Gratisography – this is a collection of pictures taken by photographer Ryan McGuire that’s free of copyright restrictions. New pictures appear on the website every week.

So try using one of these sources. Find an image that suits your topic and upload it to Canva or Snappa.

Are there other sites you can recommend?

Source : https://thenextweb.com/creativity/2016/09/20/step-step-guide-creating-stunning-images-content

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You can also use www.pexels.com and you can also check out how to get free stock photos via Facebook ad manager.

Negative Space is another great source of high quality pics. If you are into foods, you can try Foodies Feed.

Others include Stocksnap, Wikimedia, Little Visuals, Flickr, Startup Stock Photos, etc

I have compiled a list of more than 60 sites where you can get high quality stock photos for your next project.

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