10 Ways to Make Money Online

Have you ever been in a situation that prompt you to ask yourself this question, how do I make money online? I have and I bet you too. Today you will learn 10 ways on how to make money online legitimately. I hope you are ready? Let’s go.

With the current situation hitting the world right now especially Nigeria, the thought of making money online has been lingering in the mind of many. And many wished if there were ways they can make money online. While I can gladly say there are ways you can make money online, I will also want you to know that it requires great effort of your time and your money in some cases. It require some know how and most time a computer skill to be able to qualify for or to be able do most of the opportunities online.

10 Ways to Make Money Online

1. Sell your written ebooks : This is a very lucrative business if you know what you are doing and does it well. You can write ebooks about what you know how to do best that will benefit and help others. You can sell ebooks online via portals online that allows that. You can sell your ebook on Amazon Kindle Program, Apple iTunes connect and payloadz. You can also sell your ebook via social media platforms

2. Sell Audio Books : If you are good with writing and selling ebooks then there is certainly nothing wrong turning your ebooks into audiobooks. This require some level of expertise or you can hire experts to convert your ebook to audio books. You can sell them on Audible, Amazon and iTunes

3. Create App : This is a very lucrative business right now considering the way users of smart phones use apps. App are convinient way to engage users of mobile devices. And these is a great platforms for companies like Google to show ads to its users. Owners of app can apply for Admob - AdSense. A program that allows Google to show advert on your apps and in turns pays you a share of the advert fee collected.

Think of an idea that will benefits a lot of people then put this idea into an app. You can create app yourself if you know how but if not, you have to pay an app developer to create your app. So most time you need an upfront investment in app creation.

4. Amazon - Mechanical Turk : Amazon offers micro jobs to individuals who are interested to work online. They are super easy jobs but small pay. Consistent working will increase the numbers over time. Read more here about Amazon Mechanical Turk

5. Fiverr : Fiverr is an online portal where you can offer to do a particular job for a particular amount starting at $5 per job. You must be willing to be patience because it takes time to build reputation to become popular here. Visit Fiverr

6. Upwork or 99Designs : Like Fiverr, Upwork allows you to sell your professional services for per hour or fixed price. You register and you are added to a talent pool where people who have project can hire you. You will also require great amount of patience here as well. 99designs allows you to sell your graphics work online via their portal. If you are good with graphics, you can make some good money selling your graphics works on 99Designs

7. Create a blog : One of the most difficult way to make money online is through blogging because of its challenging process. You have to do alot to get stable readers and this take some time to achieve. But this is one of the most successful way of making money online too. If your blog contains a good and trusted contents it will attract trusted reader in a matter of time and this will pay off in thousands of dollars in the future.

8. Sell Items online : This is one of the easiest way you can make money online. You can sell your old and new items online or you can help to sell other people item online for a commission via different online portal. Jumia, Amazon, eBay and many more. You can even sell items via your social media platforms

9: Teach others online : You can teach people virtually from your home using online platforms like Zoom or other social media platform. You have to connect with your online tutor and discuss your mode of payment. If you are good at teaching you can take it to the next level by becoming an online virtual tutor.

10: Create a Tutorial on YouTube : Unlike teaching one on one or one to many virtually online, where you and others must see each other, this one is different. You create the tutorial video of yourself facing the camera or the camera facing you then upload it to YouTube when it is done. It equally takes sometime to be seen and this also depends on your contents and how good you are in that field. You stand to earn good money at long run if everything works right.

Bonus - 11: Article writting online : This is one of the easiest way also I found out lately on how to make money online. You are required to write article on particular subjects for some small amount as a novice or new comer. As you proceed your rank is increased and then more jobs with higher pay will be released for you to participate on. This also require a amount of patience but you can start writing article right away for as low as 0.11$ for a 400 word article. You can dive in right away here if you are interested in article writing.

Making money online is not an easy task, but will dedication and update on skill you will definitely enjoy it on the long run. Look out for our next “how to make money online article”

Original Source: Forbes

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