10 Ways To Beat The Coronavirus Lockdown Boredom

Boredom sets in from time to time, either during the weekend or in the evenings maybe after work. With the 14 day lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the level of boredom is on another level and may just lead to overthinking and sadness.

Being online all the time many not even help after a while. Here are a few ways to deal with the boredom that comes with being home all day:

  1. Exercising is not just a good way to keep busy but a good way to improve your health and overall capacity. During this period there’s a lot of time to work towards whatever fitness or body goals you may have but have been procrastinating. If you put enough time and effort into it, working out at home may just be as effective as working out at the gym.

  2. You could start a new culture by reading a book. Books will help your mind get to work and learn some new words and other things.

  3. Try to learn something new. There are a whole bunch of things you could learn and the internet helps with pdfs, how to manuals and even audio-visual representations of what ever your interests are right now. There are even online courses too, the options are endless.

  4. You could play games. There are memory improving games and a lot of other games you could learn from too.

  5. A lot of movies are online that could fill your time. You could just sit back, relax and enjoy.

  6. Spice up your regular food recipes with new combinations. Try foods you haven’t prepared before and for those who don’t know how to cook at all, 5 days of this holiday is enough to start learning to be a culinary pro.

  7. Play some music and have fun dancing. If you’re feeling funky, make a video and post online to see what your friends think. You could also learn some new steps online.

  8. Do a thorough and complete clean up of your home. This is also encouraged by health organizations around the globe because of the coronavirus.

  9. Now is a good time to try new things in bed, get to know your partner better and yourself better when it comes to having sex. There is enough time to try new kinky tricks and spice up your sex and love life.

  10. Meditating is a good way to spend your time and as a lot of people may not know so much about meditation, the internet is a great help. You can read or watch videos on how to meditate effectively and rejuvenate your mind.

Source: https://www.pmnewsnigeria.com/2020/04/02/coronavirus-lockdown-10-ways-to-beat-boredom/

The Akinator game is also another way to beat boredom, see here: https://www.questechie.com/2020/03/unblocked-akinator-how-to-access-game.html

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